Clubs are student-based school organizations, consisting of administration-approved organizations functioning with tasks and specific purposes. Various club activities are organized at school. These activities supplement academics and give the students practical training that they require in day to day life. The activities give the students an opportunity to display their talents.

S No. Club Coordinator
1 YCIS Club Mr. Rajeev P

Mrs. Arpita

2 Quiz  Club Mr. Vazith Nasar

Mr. Sunil T C

3 Eco & Nature / Science Club Mrs. Mary Sujitha

Mrs. Rajani

Mrs. Rubina

4 IT Club Mr. Vazith Nasar

Mrs. Seena

5 Digital Media & Photography Mr. Micheal Setphan Raj

Mr. Vazith Nasar

6 Health & Safety Mrs. Rodrigues

Mrs. Baby Sheeja

7 Grave Club Mr. Satheesh Sebastian

Mrs. Simi Mahesh

8 Hindi Literary Club Mrs. Vidhya Rani

Mr. Mohdmmad  Rafi

Overall In-Charge of the club activities Mr. Micheal