Clubs are student-based school organizations, consisting of administration-approved organizations functioning with tasks and specific purposes. Various club activities are organized at school. These activities supplement academics and give the students practical training that they require in day-to-day life. The activities give the students an opportunity to display their talents.

S No. Club Coordinator
1 YCIS Club Mr. Rajeev P
2 Quiz  Club Mr. Shiyas M S
3 Eco & Nature / Science Club Mrs. Mary Sujitha

Mrs. Rajani

Mrs. Rubina

4 IT Club Mr. Vazith Nasar

Mrs. Seena Thomas

5 Digital Media & Photography Mr. Micheal Stephen Raj

Mr. Vazith Nasar

6 Health & Safety Mrs. Baby Sheeja
7 Grave Club Mrs. Vidhya Rani

Mr. Satheesh Sebastian

Mrs. Simi Mahesh

Overall In-Charge of the club activities Mr. Micheal