Fee Structure


* Fee structure for the months of May – August 2020

Tuition Fee from May to August, 2020  


Indian Students Other Nationals
Tuition Fee Tuition Fee
KG I – Class VI R.O. 28. 000 R.O. 35. 800
Class  VII R.O. 30. 000 R.O. 38. 400
Class VIII – X R.O. 34. 000 R.O. 43. 300


Special Fee for Term I (After Discount) U K G Std I to VII VIII IX- X
RO: 16.200 RO: 17.900 RO: 19.500 RO: 22.000





 Class Indians Non-Indian Nationals
Tuition Fees(R.O) Sports Fees(R.O) Tuition Fees(R.O) Sports Fees(R.O)
LKG – Std. VI R.O.29.000 R.O.1.000 R.O.37.700 R.O.1.000
Std. VII R.O.31.000 R.O.1.000 R.O.40.300 R.O.1.000
Std. VIII – X R.O.35.000 R.O.1.000 R.O.45.500 R.O.1.000
  • Tuition fee is payable for 12 months.
  • Fees should be paid by 15 th of every month.
  • If the last date falls on a holiday for the school, the next working day will be the last
    date for the payment of fees.
  • R O 0. 300 will be charged as fine from 16 th – 21 st and R O. 0. 500 per day thereafter, subject
    to a maximum of R O. 3. 000 per month.


The special fees to be paid in two installments. First, along with the fee for the month
of April/at the time of Admission and second, with the fee for the month of October.
The details of the Special fees will be available in the fee counter.