The House System is a long standing tradition that creates competition, promotes good work and behavior, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together.

The school is divided into four sub units called ‘houses’. Each student is allocated to one house at the moment of enrolment. Houses may compete with one another at sports and may be in other ways, thus providing a focus for group loyalty.

S No. House In-Charge Captain Vice Captain
1 Blue

Mr. Micheal

Mrs. Nazia

Ibrahim Shifana
2 Green

Mr. Vazith

Mrs. Rubina

Krishna Nandana Arif
3 Red

Mr. Rafeek

Mrs. Sujitha

Abena Martin Moharam
4 Yellow

Mr. Rafi

Mrs. Rajani

Jain Jaison Rifa Fathima